To and Fro: Idaho

I dropped off the map this week and popped in Idaho. Rex and I traveled by plane and by car to visit my grandparents.  We flew there and drove back, which made for very interesting packing.  As Rex is now two, he had to have his own seat. I also had to transport his car seat as well as all of our luggage through an airport. By myself. Thankfully, there is no photographic evidence of my pack mule look, but know that it was epic. I packed a week’s worth of clothes and supplies into an adult back pack, a kid back pack, a small messenger bag, and a small black travel bag. Through the clever use of space bags and bungees, everything we needed fit.

2014-06-22 08.59.39

Rex rode on the plane like it was no big deal. In fact, the only thing he was upset about was having to stow his books during take-off and landing.  We were met at the airport by my uncle and dropped off at the great-grandparents’ house. From there we met up at the hotel with my folks and my sister and her family.  All told, I moved Rex’s seat in and out of vehicles and on and off of the car seat dolly over a dozen times in 24 hours…

2014-06-22 15.49.26

Rex took naps in a variety of locations, including on Great-Grandma’s couch.  Buddy, one of her rescue chihuahuas thought napping was a pretty good idea.

2014-06-24 14.32.01

Of course, there were toys and balloons and all of the things that come from a trip with grandparents.

2014-06-24 19.20.36

And he ate more ice cream than he usually does in a month.

All in all, it was a very fun trip.  We got to spend some wonderful time with my grandparents and can’t wait to see them in August at the family reunion.  Rex was so sweet and gave his great-grandparents and his grandparents lots of hugs.  It was so neat to see how he changed this year as compared to our visit last year.


Beginning June

I blink and we’re halfway through June. May flew by like a stealth jet and June is trying to sneak by without a trace. June marked the 2nd birthday of my little boy and I finally tried my hand at making his birthday cake.  A football cake made in a Pampered Chef batter bowl and basketball and baseball cake pops using a BabyPops maker borrowed from my sister.


We just did a small family affair at my sister’s.  With my older nephew in baseball and all of the vacations coming up, it was simpler to do a little party. Rex enjoyed opening his presents this year, with lots of help from his cousins.


He was not wanting for gifts as Grandma and Papa bought pretty much everything on the idea list I had sent them… And, after months of waiting, I was finally able to give him his new bicycle!


Going with the Strider ST-4 balance bike* was definitely the way to go. It is small and lightweight without pedals to hamper him. He can get on and off easily and really enjoys being able to ride a big boy bike on his own. So far he can only go in straight lines, but I’m confident he’ll figure out steering at some point.


It was a great way to end May and begin June.

 *I purchased Rex’s bike on eBay from a bike shop. It was new, in box, and was a fantastic price.  His helmet came from a local bike shop and was on clearance for $10.

Wildwood Trail

One of the benefits of living in this city is the amazing amount of parks and natural areas.  Today we went to Forest Park and hiked a tiny portion of the Wildwood Trail near Pittock Mansion. It was Rex’s first hike and he seemed to really enjoy it.

2014-04-27 12.08.18-1

I’d scored a $10 kids Poang on Craigslist, but the seller lived waaaay out in NW Portland.  So far in NW that we drove through Forest Park to get there.  Since it was about a 30 minute drive from our house, we decided to make an outing out of it.  We all wore our boots* and enjoyed a bit of mud and nature.

2014-04-27 11.50.42

Afterwards, we hit up Lucky Lab Brewing on NW Quimby for a bit of lunch and a beer for Sam. It POURED rain and hailed for a bit just after we arrived.  Then, all of a sudden it just stopped and the sun came out like it had never happened.  The weather here is weird.

2014-04-27 18.16.56

The Poang is in fantastic shape and looks almost new.  I washed the cover and could barely get it back on before Rex climbed in.  He’s quite pleased with his new chair and I’m quite pleased about my $20 savings.

*Rex is wearing Stonz booties.  They were a little pricey, but well worth it for my small-footed unsure walker. He’s been wearing them since crawling and we often pair them with rain pants from LL Bean.

Operation: Summer Fun

We spent the last three days helping assemble a play structure at our neighbors’ home. We had lots of “help” from the toddlers and all the parents participated.  Since we live right next to each other, this will be used a lot by both families. Chloe enjoyed spending three full days outside with lots of people throwing her frisbee and ball.

2014-04-12 11.41.39


2014-04-11 18.09.18

2014-04-11 16.48.45

2014-04-13 12.21.58

The boys are thrilled and started climbing it before we could put the last screw in! It was totally worth the effort and (minor) injuries.  We have a couple accessories on order to add to it, but it is 99% complete. (I just realized that Sam isn’t in any of the pictures.  He was at work during a good portion of the building and spent the rest of the time helping manage overly “helpful” toddlers.)

Four Weeks

Yesterday, I spent the day hanging out with my family at the homestead.  My sister and her adorable kids were there.

Izy is getting so big and is growing teeth!

Tyler has a birthday coming up and is ready to lose a tooth!

Friday was also the four week mark for Rex.  So when I got home, we snapped some quick four week pictures.

Rex was less than impressed with our photo shoot and protested rather loudly.

But some Mama snuggles made it all better.