The Deck is Back!

We spend a LOT of time on our deck. It is a race track, drawing surface, and more. And it was looking, well, a little sad.  After nearly two years of heavy use, most of the stain had worn off of the high traffic areas. Our lovely landlords had it refinished, but the deck guy was very unreliable and it took a long time. Thankfully, it is finished now and the weather is nice enough that we can start playing on it again!

2015-03-16 16.00.05

Rex and Chloe romped up and down the newly finished deck yesterday before we put the furniture back on it.

2015-03-16 15.59.36

I also rearranged a bit, pulling some new toys outside. The basketball hoop previously lived at the end of the hallway.  The red rolling bin was downstairs in the play room, gathering stuff. We picked it up at a yard sale last summer and it lived next door as a sand/water bin. I’m planning to put sand in it again, as we had the idea to turn his little sandbox into a garden bed. The green/blue basket I bought last year, but never found a good use for it. Now it’s housing the outdoor balls. The white milk crate has a set of “dig digs” (bulldozer, excavator, and backhoe) that haven’t seen much love lately. I’m hoping that moving them will give them new life.

We also bring out a couple of ride-on toys when we’re playing, but since it is still raining fairly regularly, they have to live inside when they’re not in use. I have some ideas for building a covered “garage” so the vehicles can stay outside without getting ruined.

Also on the docket is a new gate to keep the kiddos safe (see half-assed gate in the first picture) as the old one was removed when the deck was repaired. (It was broken and due for replacement anyway.)  But more on that later.