Complete, with Compost

The new garden beds are complete and filled with compost.

2015-03-10 17.46.52

With rain in the forecast, the urge to get outside and enjoy the last of the warmer weather today was overwhelming. It’s been a rough week around here for a variety of reasons (and it’s only Wednesday, Oy!), so some manual labor was a great anxiety-relieving activity.

The beds are filled with compost from a great local place called McFarlane’s Bark.  We picked it up a couple weekends ago when we took a load of yard debris for drop-off. Since then, it has been sitting in my garage, making it smell very… earthy.

Rex loved scooping and dumping dirt out of the trailer.  (Not that much of it actually made it into the wheelbarrow…)  He climbed the compost mound and spent a lot of time talking about the colors of our shovels. (“Mama shovel red! My shovel blue! Me up here! Me in dirt!”) You don’t know how fascinating shovels are until you’ve seen them through the eyes of a toddler.

2015-03-10 17.03.13

I think his favorite part was riding in the wheelbarrow. He had a total of eight rides back and fourth to the garage. (We paused in the middle to air up the tire and that just made his day.)

2015-03-10 17.36.34

The day culminated in a bubbly bath and tv with dinner. Sometimes, you have to go off-schedule for a day to reclaim some calm. I’m feeling much better after some time in the dirt and Rex does too. Give it a try. You won’t regret it.