Actual Yarn Content

Remember when this blog had yarn and knitting and crochet?  Don’t despair!  Those days are returning, complete with crappy cellphone pictures!

I had a blocking fit the other day and blocked four items that have been waiting patiently for months.  The color in the picture is way off, as is the focus, thanks to the horrific lighting in the craft/guest room.   Once they’re dry and the sky stops trying to drown us, I’ll get some proper pictures.  (Let’s be honest here; You may be waiting a while…)

2014-03-04 15.11.00Left to right: Over theWillamette Shawl, Hintz of Lace Cowl, Wendy Knits Summer Mystery Shawl 2012, Twist Hat

Also off the needles is a Tama for Rex. I’m pretty pleased with this one.  It knit up in 3 days and just needs buttons (which I’ve already purchased).  Once it’s dry, I’ll add the buttons and then try to get in-focus pictures of a busy toddler wearing it.

2014-03-06 20.28.22Size 2 years, knit in Berroco Vintage Chunky.

I have plans for another one of these, but in the short sleeve version and a more spring weather friendly yarn. I can easily see this pattern being my new go-to baby sweater pattern.  I veered away from the instructions a few times on this sweater, but I’ll go into those details when I do an FO post.  In the meantime, you can see all my notes on Ravelry.

There’s also a Super Secret Big Project that’s blocking/drying right now, but I can’t show you that until after it goes to its recipient. I know, I know… The suspense is going to kill you.  Go have a cookie, you’ll be alright.


FO: Plaid Scarf

Pictured above is the Shades of Plaid Scarf by Julie Armstrong Holetz from Crochet Me (Ravelry Project Details).  Made with three colors of Berroco Ultra Alpaca, it was a quick and easy project.  You basically crochet a large mesh scarf and then weave chains through it.

The placement of color is the key to getting the nifty plaid look.  This particular scarf was made as a sample for a workshop I’m teaching this fall.  I would totally make this project again.

It’s All Square

In recent years, I’ve loosely participated in a crochet block of the month group on Ravelry. I’ve made a few squares here and there but never really finished all of them. This year, I picked some skeins of Plymouth Encore Worsted out of the stash and I’m doing my best to keep up.  Here are the squares I’ve finished so far.

January’s square is Maggie’s Square by Drew Emborsky.


Ravelry Project Notes

March’s square is SmoothFox’s Starburst Flower Square by Donna Mason-Svara.


Ravelry Project Notes

April’s Square is the Lace Petals Square by Chris Simon.


Ravelry Project Notes

(February’s square isn’t playing nice with my color scheme, so I’m looking for a replacement.  It’s a beautiful Pineapple Blossom square, but should really be done in a solid for the best effect.)

So far, I’m very pleased with how these are turning out.  They seem to be a perfect weekend afternoon project when all I want is a little mindless crochet, some instant gratification, and (usually) some SciFi on the tube.

I’m also playing catch-up with the 2010 squares in a softer palette, so you’ll get to see a different color scheme than the one pictured above.  You know I can’t do the same thing for a whole year…  More squares to come in the future if I don’t get distract… oh look!  Something shiny!

A Quick FO

Want something to crochet that works up in an evening?  The Undulating Cowl is it.  Cute, fun, and super easy.  It’s perfect for that one skein you have lying around (for example: a skein out of the orphan bin that is a discontinued color with low yardage).

I met up with Kira K at Stitches West and the shop ended up ordering a bunch of her crochet patterns.  The Undulating Cowl is one of the several that we got (I’m also loving these hats).  I’m using it along side the Sleek Cloche as part of my Crochet Level 2 class coming up in the spring.  Best of all, Kira is a local-ish to me designer!

I have at least one more single skein that is destined to be one of these cute cowls. (And I’m sure my big sis will want one after she see’s this post.  I’d better go dig out the blue yarns…)

My Ravelry details on this project can be found here.

Soft Serve – A $14 sweater

Meet the 2nd FO of 2011!  This sweater is a dream to make and looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.  It still needs blocking, but I wanted to get some pictures of it anyway.

The yarn is Plymouth Tweed, an aran weight wool.  I scored 11 skeins of this woolly goodness for just $2/skein at the 2008 Sidewalk Sale.  The sweater only took 7.  Seriously.  Under 800 yards for a crocheted sweater!  And I even added length to the sleeves and body.  (Full details of the sweater, with notes on my modifications, can be found on Ravelry here.)

The pattern is from Everyday Crochet by Doris Chan.  Special thanks to Liisa for turning me onto this book.  Doris’ method of top down, seamless construction is very fun and uses up less yarn than a normal crocheted sweater.  The shells make it go fast, so this lovely only took me three days.  No, really.  Three days!

A good blocking will open the shells up further and help the drape in the front. The wool is a little scratchier than some I’ve used, so it’s not a close-to-the-skin kind of sweater.  Although, I can definitely see this as a layering piece for  a cool spring/summer evening.

And I’d like to end this post with a Public Service Announcement.  If you ask your husband to take your sweater shots, you will inevitably get a picture like this.  I’ve come to accept that.

(At least the butt shot shoes off the edging detail nicely.  Yeah… That’s it…)

Peas in a Pod

I finished the Peas in a Pod project requested by Sonja late last year.  I can check another FO off the list!

They’re supposed to have little embroidered mouths, but these legumes have taken a vow of silence to contemplate world peas. *grooooooan*


  • Yarn – Cascade 220 Superwash in colors 899 and 887 (I think)
  • Pattern – Amigurumi Two by Ana Paula Rimoli
  • Mods – None that I remember.