I have been rather quiet on my blog these days.  But while the blog is quiet, the life is not…

This week was utterly frustrating.  So, instead of talking about things that just make me angry, I’m going to show you yarn.

Look!  A sock cuff!


This is the sock of the month for MYSS this month.  It is a Mystery Sock.  One of the club members took a pattern and split it into 4 clues.  I’m doing both of my socks at the same time so as to avoid the spoiler.  This is the first sock finished to the end of Clue 2.  I am currently working on Clue 2 for the second sock.  I’m hoping to break into my third clue this weekend.

Other than that, I’ve just been supremely busy.  I’ve been busily toiling away at IYC stuff for the Empire.  I’m also test crocheting a pattern for Unique Sheep (it’s awesome btw, I wish I could post pics).  Besides that there’s lots to be done for the lys.  I feel stretched a little thin these days, if only it were physically instead of mentally…



I have taken a step.  Not a huge one, but a medium sized one.  I have purchased [dramatic pause] a real microphone for my laptop.

I know, it’s hard to believe.  But, yesterday, I purchased the Blue Snowball USB Microphone.  The sound quality is very nice and it’s quite user friendly.  With this mic, you can just plug and play.  It is a dual capsule microphone with three different settings.  These different settings allow me to record just what’s in front of the mic, or what’s all around the mic.  Plus, it looks cool! 🙂

I am using Audacity to record on my laptop.  It’s easy to use and has tutorials and help if you get stuck.  So far, I have recorded a short story for a friend’s little girl, and a couple of answers to go on the Quirky Nomads podcast.  That is, if I can get up the courage to send them.  I’m still baffled at how different I sound when I play the recordings back to me.

I also hope to someday get the courage to volunteer for the Librivox project.  Librivox is working to get public domain books recorded into audio books.  I think it’s a great project and with voices like Brenda Dayne of Cast-On reading, how can you not want to listen??

While we’re on the subject of microphones… Dad brought me a vintage microphone that was great-grandpa’s.  It is a VoluTone microphone, probably from the late 1960’s.  I have not had any luck finding out more details, so far.   The microphone guys I know were a bit baffled.  They’d never seen one before.  Google searches have not turned up anything either.  I have a couple more resources to try.  But, in the meantime, if you know anything about VoluTone microphones, please drop me a line!

(P.S. The microphone is at work, but I will post pictures of both the old and the new when I get a chance.)