But is it Art?

There’s a great episode of Dilbert (the animated series) called “Art.” The Pointy-Haired Boss (PHB) decides that art is the next great money maker. He assigns the task of creating art to Dilbert. Dilbert of course does a focus group and comes up with… The Blue Duck! The Blue Duck becomes an incredible phenomenon until Leonardo DaVinci decides Dilbert is cutting into the art racquet and puts a stop to things by tainting the Blue Duck with “uncoolness.” It’s a great episode, and one of my favorites.

My point to all this? I created art today. Well… I’m not sure if it’s *really* art, but it’s the best I’ve ever done. I noticed in the Michael’s ad that they had 16″x20″ canvases on sale; a 2-pack for $5.99. I’ve been contemplating art for the living room, but have been unable to find anything I like. So, after a healthy dose of DIY Network and HGTV over the last several years, I decided it was time to create my own. For under $20, I came home with canvases, brushes, and craft paint (plus some other stuff, but that’s not relevant here…). Over the next half hour or so, I squirted paint, brushed, and voila! I must say, they are the two most beautiful paintings I have ever done. Considering my stick figures come out deformed and I nearly failed pottery in high school, this tiny sparkle of artistic-ness was very surprising.

Fueled by the high of painting something that doesn’t completely suck, I moved onto card making. I created a holiday and a Halloween card. I’m pretty happy with the holiday card, but I’m not quite finished with the Halloween card. I promise pictures later, but tonight I just don’t have the energy.

On a yarn note, I am 3 rounds from my final increase on Gramma’s Pi Shawl. I have less than a sleeve left of Kaysha’s baby sweater, and both sleeves to do on Kenneth Allen’s birthday sweater. By the way.. I’m a level 15 Shaman on KnitWars (aka ChoreWars).

Also, I took Chloe to PetSmart today and got her a new dog food to try. This was of course, after she spilled Dad’s Dutch Bros all over the car, vomited in the back seat, and before she pooped in the middle of the parking lot. Other than that, it was a pleasant trip. She ate Brody’s rubber newspaper and is starting to pass it now. There were chunks of that in the vomit. At least dogs are self cleaning. I don’t think I’ve ever been so grossed out. Here I am, driving quickly to the next stop so I can get out and clean the vomit out of the back seat… and what does Chloe do? She eats it! I was soooo grossed out. Then she tries to come up to the front and lick me! The phrase “Get in the back!” was used *very* forcefully.

But, back on topic, the new dog food is a brand called Blue. It’s a holistic dog food (stop laughing!) made with all natural ingredients. There’s no wheat, corn, or animal by-products. Chloe’s been very itchy lately, so I’m starting to suspect a wheat and/or corn allergy. I’ll see how she does on this food. Hopefully it will make a difference. It she does well, then the cats will be next. It’s a bit spendy; but very healthy. Apparently, it’s human grade food. They keep a “taster” on staff when they demonstrate the food. This person actually eats the dog/cat food to show that it’s so safe, even humans can eat it. That is *not* a job that I would want. How would you write that up on your resume anyway?

KnitPicks is having a sale… I’m going to be in trouble. I plan on being bad…

I’ve already been bad. I’ve purchased Victorian Lace Today, CrochetMe, and Loop-D-Loop Crochet all in the last 2 weeks.


Felt So Good.

How have you felt today? I’ve felt tired, kinda blah, and clogs.

Yes, you read that right. I felt clogs! Sam’s clogs just came out of the washer and are looking good. You should have seen him squirm when I made him try a warm, wet clog on. I did at least let him have a plastic bag over his foot. I’m not completely cruel.

Here are the clogs, stuffed with plastic bags and drying.




(Max couldn’t help himself, he wanted in the pictures too…)

Once they have dried completely, I will put full suede soles on them. We have pets (if you hadn’t noticed) and they tend to shed. The clogs would soon be completely covered in cat and dog hair. And I know that my darling husband will forget and wear them outside. Better safe than sorry.

I am also finishing up the Vestee for my nephew. I did the short sleeved, shawl collar version in Berroco Cotton Twist color 8330. I don’t remember how many skeins I bought, I’ll have to look it up. I do know that I bought too much. I have at least 1, if not 2 whole skeins in the basket that are untouched and can be recycled at the yarn store for new stash-ness.

The Vestee should be finished by tomorrow. I cast off the collar today and am currently in the process of sewing up the seams. For anyone who knows me, I am seam challenged. It is made with a type of ribbing, so I can kind of cheat on the seams and just make them look like a line of purls.

I also bought the latest “Card Creations” from Paper Crafts magazine. I’m heading up the baby shower for my co-worker and I want to make her hand-made invitations. I have several ideas marked and will be visiting Sugar & Spice Paper Company (my local scrapbooking store) on Saturday to choose my supplies.

I also took Chloe to PetSmart today. They already have their Halloween toys out, so we picked up a new ball.