Sundays are for Spinning

Waffles + Fiber = Spinning Sunday

This simple math equation is an visual representation of my day.  Susan came over this morning with her wheel.  I made waffles and then we spun.  She spun recycled Sari Silk and I spun a wool Mystery Bat from Llamas & Llambs.  A mystery bat is a bat of dyed wool that is ready to be spun.  It is rolled up and put in a bag so you can’t see all the colors that are in it.  It’s a mystery until you unroll it and start spinning.  Sometimes, you don’t see certain colors until you’ve spun that portion.  You get really excited to see what color happens next.

This is what I spun.

Then I plyed.   Susan taught me to Navajo Ply, which makes a three ply.

My legs and shoulders are sore, but my yarn is beautiful.  It is hanging in the bathroom, drying and setting the twist.  I’m not sure what to do with it yet.  I’m seriously considering getting another mystery bat and continuing with this line of spinning.  I need to work on twisting my yarn more and drawing  more evenly, but my spinning is already improving.

Yesterday, I took Peggy’s Cross Stitch class at M.Y.S.S.  It was wonderful!  The second session is in two weeks and I can’t wait.  I’ve been working on my cross stitch faithfully and it’s turning out really well.  I’ll post pictures of that when it looks more like it’s supposed to.

Waffles.  I tried a new waffle recipe today.  Yes, I make my waffles from scratch.  Why does everyone look so surprised when I say that?!  Anyway, I tried Alton Brown’s Basic Waffle recipe featured on Good Eats.  I must say, it was delicious!  The best part?  No egg whites to be whipped and folded!