Coming Home

The new blog  didn’t feel right.  I am back in this space.  Sorry folks. 🙂

P.S. Rex is 14 months old and doing great.  Here’s a picture from this morning.  He thinks he’s pretty darn cute. (I’m pretty sure I agree…)



Four Weeks

Yesterday, I spent the day hanging out with my family at the homestead.  My sister and her adorable kids were there.

Izy is getting so big and is growing teeth!

Tyler has a birthday coming up and is ready to lose a tooth!

Friday was also the four week mark for Rex.  So when I got home, we snapped some quick four week pictures.

Rex was less than impressed with our photo shoot and protested rather loudly.

But some Mama snuggles made it all better.

33 Weeks

We’re down to the final 6 weeks!  Baby is doing well and we’re having weekly ultrasounds and appointments.  As of last week’s scan, he was weighing in at approximately 4lbs 11oz.  He should be making his appearance the 2nd week of June.  Until then, I’ll work on this project just a bit longer.