Baby Peas

A while back, we stopped at the Urban Farm Store to pick up a special pitchfork. I’ve always called it a sifting fork, because it’s the style we used to sift the shavings while cleaning horse stalls (which is like cleaning a cat box, only much bigger).  Online they seem to be called manure forks or stall forks.  They’re fantastic for picking up straw, leaves, etc. Anyway, none of that is really important. What’s important, is that Rex picked out a packet of seeds.

2015-02-11 10.37.16

After spending an inordinate amount of time communing with the chicks, he insisted on a packet of Super Sugar Snap Peas from Territorial Seed. Who was I to argue?  We planted his seeds (or, as he calls them, his baby peas) on February 20th. Six days later, they sprouted!  As Liisa says, peas are nearly instant gratification and perfect for kids.

2015-02-26 07.26.29

Four days later, they looked like this.

2015-03-02 13.47.12

Soon, his peas were climbing up the window, in search of tendril holds.  I staked them with BBQ skewers, but they soon surpassed those in height (image below is from March 9th) and we knew it was time for transplanting.  (They should have been transplanted prior to being so tall, but life got in the way a bit.)

2015-03-09 14.27.46

Finally, we moved them to their proper home.  The soil is a mix of local compost and organic potting soil.  I’ve given them a tomato cage to climb and Rex watered them with his new watering can.

2015-03-12 12.20.58

I’m excited to see his reaction when his baby peas grow up and sprout pods.

As a little aside… I used clothespins written on with a Sharpie pen for planting markers this year. They are working great! They clip on to the sides of the little starter pods and then are easily moved when the plants are transplanted. I found the idea online from a variety of sources. I marked mine with the name on one side and the seed ID code on the other. In the fourth image, you can see I’ve used them to mark the tomato starts next to the peas.


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