New Garden Beds

We’ve been in this house nearly two years, but we’re coming up on our third planting season. I had success with Straw Bale Gardening last year, but my bales will not last a second season. The garden beds that came with this house have been sadly inadequate. They are small, differently sized, falling apart, and quite shaded. While I can’t change the placement, I can fix the rest.

I tried to repair them first, but the wood kept splitting and popping free. So I hit up a local cedar place and picked up some fencing boards on the cheap. I decided to up the bed size to 3’x6′ (they were 2’x5’2″ and 3’x5’2″) and just replace the rotting boards completely. I bought 1″x6″ standard grade cedar boards in 3′ and 6′ lengths. I also bought some 2″x2″ railing boards for the corner supports.

2015-03-02 16.00.41

I brought them home in the car (which smelled awesome) and dropped them in the garage. Now, the projects in the garage are lining up and there is still compost waiting to be unloaded in the trailer, so  I knew I needed to make this a priority project.

The allure of the garage for a two year old is incredible. He loves playing out there while I work on projects. I was able to saw the supports and screw the whole thing together in just a couple hours, even with the help of a toddler. He even handed me screws when I did the last parts on the floor. I made both beds 3’x6′ and used 1 1/4″x#8 wood screws that I had on hand, putting three in each end of each board.

2015-03-04 17.56.54

The beds won’t win any carpentry contests, but they’re sturdy and made from good material. It was getting dark as we finished, but we pulled up one of the garden beds and laid a new one down.

2015-03-04 18.14.14

This one is replacing the 2’x5′ bed.  You can see the second deteriorating bed to the right there. The ground is a bit uneven, so I need to purchase or fashion some stakes to hold the bed tight to the ground. The previous bed was built onto integrated stakes. I’ve got some landscaping style ones in mind, so a trip to the hardware store is in my near future. In the meantime, I can mark these guys off my list as built and move on to the next project.  Which, Rex informed me, is his train table.

But more on that soon.