Social Reprieve

An unexpected break, but I’m back!

I pulled away from social media over the holidays and continued the trend through January and February. The increase in overall mental health is amazing. I log on to Facebook and Twitter a few times a month to check in on a few friends I don’t see in other avenues of communication, but that’s about it. I also keep myself sheltered from news channels and parenting magazines.  I am still active on Plurk, but not as much as I was. My Instagram usage has increased because I have it cut down to a few choice people, whose pictures make me happy.

This has resulted in a few things:

  • I spend less time looking at my phone. I still do (often), but I’m not glued to it, stuck in the endless scroll.
  • I am less burdened by the negativity and unhappiness of others. I can focus more on putting good out into the world, than being pulled down by the bad of it.
  • I’m getting more done.
  • I’m making more real life friends. It’s scary and hard (and a lot like dating), but I’m doing my best.

I know social media has a different role for everyone. But if you’re feeling anxious and stressed out every time you tap that app, maybe take a week off. Like any addictive substance, you need a tolerance break from social media once in a while to bring your usage back down to manageable levels.

That being said, I am going to try being more active in this space. I feel like this blog is part of a past chapter in my life, but I’m going to adapt it. There will still be yarn content, but that is no longer the main focus in my life. I do hope you enjoy how it grows and changes.

Thanks for sticking around.


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