Summer Company

We had company come to stay with us for the last week. Wednesday-Sunday, we hosted the lovely Liisa and Shanti (and Dobby!). Sunday-Tuesday, we had another set of friends with their two youngest daughters. We whooped it up, visiting lots of local sights and eating way more than we should. OMSI, the Zoo, Pearl District, etc. We hit a few new-to-me shops including Penzey’s, where I got dried chives and shallots to experiment with homemade ranch mixes.  We also did the tour of Bob’s Red Mill and spent some time in their factory store. (Dave’s Killer Bread is made across the street, so the entire block smells like a bakery.)

2014-07-25 10.29.33Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Store

At the Zoo, Rex decided he was afraid of most of the animals. He was mainly interested in the lions (the cubs are getting so big!) and the boa constrictor.  The giraffes and the hippos were ok, as long as we didn’t get too close.

2014-07-29 11.33.16Mama Rex Selfie at the Zoo, in front of the lions.

I love having friends visit, but I am looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow. I may just stay in my stretch pants all day…



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