Randomly on a Thursday

1. The outdoor cat (Nanook) got herself stuck in a neighbors yard this morning. I could hear her meowing, but couldn’t see her. I was watching my friend’s little guy, so I had to wait until she got back. Then we loaded the kids into the wagon and trekked around the block.  Thankfully, the third neighbor we stopped at was very nice (they were all nice, but older and not really wanting to be troubled).  She opened her yard and let me go have a look.  Nan had somehow gotten into the next yard over, but couldn’t get out. They have a large shed, but around the shed is a deep trench with two by fours laid narrow side up against the fence.  She couldn’t get any purchase to jump out and was pacing back and forth frantically, trying to find a way out. She couldn’t leave the safety of behind the shed, because that particular yard has at least two very large and aggressive Akitas. She has been rescued and has lost outdoor privileges until after the 4th.

2. The marine layer has not yet moved and I’m not digging the gloom.  While I’m glad it’s not 90º out there, I’d like it to be at least in the 70s. (I know, people who live in places like Nevada and Arizona want to slap me right now, but it’s July and I want summer weather!)

3. It’s totally worth it to prep fruit ahead to avoid waste. I’ve been washing my fruit as soon as I get it home from the store, loosely following these instructions from Momables. I don’t use nearly as much vinegar and I totally don’t measure anything, but it still seems to work pretty well. When they’re done soaking, I rinse them and throw them through my salad spinner before drying them on a towel.  I’m not sure how well it prevents mold, because having them pre-washed means we eat through them much faster.  I also have started taking grapes off of the vine so that we can just grab and go. Just one word of advice… Raspberries and salad spinners do not mix. Trust me.

4. I’m extra hormonal lately which means I’m not sleeping much and I’m eating all of the things.  Someone please save me from the pan of brownies in the fridge!

5. I’m watching Star Trek: TNG from the beginning on Amazon Prime.  So 90s… So very, very 90s. And I love the crap out of it.


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