To and Fro: Idaho

I dropped off the map this week and popped in Idaho. Rex and I traveled by plane and by car to visit my grandparents.  We flew there and drove back, which made for very interesting packing.  As Rex is now two, he had to have his own seat. I also had to transport his car seat as well as all of our luggage through an airport. By myself. Thankfully, there is no photographic evidence of my pack mule look, but know that it was epic. I packed a week’s worth of clothes and supplies into an adult back pack, a kid back pack, a small messenger bag, and a small black travel bag. Through the clever use of space bags and bungees, everything we needed fit.

2014-06-22 08.59.39

Rex rode on the plane like it was no big deal. In fact, the only thing he was upset about was having to stow his books during take-off and landing.  We were met at the airport by my uncle and dropped off at the great-grandparents’ house. From there we met up at the hotel with my folks and my sister and her family.  All told, I moved Rex’s seat in and out of vehicles and on and off of the car seat dolly over a dozen times in 24 hours…

2014-06-22 15.49.26

Rex took naps in a variety of locations, including on Great-Grandma’s couch.  Buddy, one of her rescue chihuahuas thought napping was a pretty good idea.

2014-06-24 14.32.01

Of course, there were toys and balloons and all of the things that come from a trip with grandparents.

2014-06-24 19.20.36

And he ate more ice cream than he usually does in a month.

All in all, it was a very fun trip.  We got to spend some wonderful time with my grandparents and can’t wait to see them in August at the family reunion.  Rex was so sweet and gave his great-grandparents and his grandparents lots of hugs.  It was so neat to see how he changed this year as compared to our visit last year.


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