New Sandbox

Seven months ago, Woot had a fantastic sandbox for CHEAP.  Normally $129, they were selling it for $59 plus their normal $5 shipping/handling.  $65 for a kickin’ covered sandbox? Yes, please!  Since we acquired the sandbox in September, it hung out in the garage in its box for a while, waiting for the sunshine to return.  Yesterday, during naptime, I assembled the sandbox and today, we filled it!

2014-05-02 16.56.31Looking perplexed because the sandbox has no sand.

2014-05-03 16.59.16Digging in the sand happily.

 We also scored him a bicycle helmet for $10 from a great local bike store called Bike Gallery. They were clearancing last year’s colors and we found the perfect fitting one that just happened to have excavators and dump trucks on it.

2014-05-02 17.10.37

Little does he know, he’s getting a balance bike for his birthday. Please admire my self control for not giving it to him early.  I’ve had it assembled and stored downstairs for over a month. Patience is not my strong suit and it has taken a lot of control to leave it in storage…


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