Every girl (and boy!) should know to use both a drill and a sewing machine.  It comes in handy to have both skills.  Earlier this week, as I was trying to see around the glare on the kitchen table, I knew I had to install curtains over the sliding glass door.  We weren’t here this time last year, so I had no idea about this particular angle of the sun and it’s ability to burn my retinas.  I packed up Rex and we hit up IKEA.  It was surprisingly busy for a Tuesday morning, but we made it through with only a few extra items.  We had an early lunch at the sushi-go-round and were home with time to spare before nap.

2014-04-22 13.06.15

Despite fighting for time on the step tool, the curtains went up quickly and without a lot of trouble.  I purchased very basic white-ish grommet style curtains with a white rod and simple bobble finials.

2014-04-22 15.15.17

After Rex went down for his nap, I was able to hem them properly and give them a quick press.

2014-04-22 15.26.18

I left them a bit long in case they shrink when I was them.  I still need to ad tie backs of some sort, but for now they are working just fine.

2014-04-22 15.18.36

While I was sewing, I whipped up a quick envelope pocket style pillowcase for Rex.  He is quite enchanted with his football pillow, even if he doesn’t really use it for sleeping yet.


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