A Trip to the Zoo to Meet the Lion Cubs

Recently, the mamas went on an adventure to the Washington Park Zoo with toddlers in tow. We thought ahead and packed stroller, Ergo, and lunches.  It was the first really beautiful day of Spring and (unfortunately) the first day of Washington schools’ Spring Break… The zoo was busy, but we had a great time anyway!

2014-04-07 11.03.39Ready to see the animals!

2014-04-07 11.21.05This polar bear kept swimming up to the glass, doing a flip and swimming away. The kids just loved it!

2014-04-07 11.45.33The entire lion pride was out, enjoying the sun.  Two of the cubs were wrestling while their sibling worked on breakfast.  Daddy lion was less than impressed with their antics, especially when they tried to include him in their wrestling.

2014-04-07 11.49.56We saw a lot of sunbathing.  The cheetahs were napping in the grass.

2014-04-07 11.59.19The hippos were sunbathing on the rocks.

Packing our lunch was definitely the way to go. When the kids started to melt, we just stopped at an open bench and fed them lunch. You could hear the entire tone of the Zoo change as noon approached.  There was a steady din of crying children and irritated parents that got louder as time went on. So, parents of toddlers (or any age children), pack food!  When you start hearing the irritation of empty bellies happening around you, EAT.  It made our trip much more pleasant.

As an aside, we were lucky enough to get a Zoo membership through Sam’s work.  But, as with the OMSI membership, they pay for themselves very quickly. We’ve gone four times now and all we’ve paid for is parking. Our particular memberships also allow guests in (quantity depends on membership), so they make it easier to go with visiting friends and family.  If you can afford a membership to a local museum/zoo/etc. that you really enjoy, do it!


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