Lent for Beth

I was turned on to the blog Five Kids is a Lot of Kids a while back by my friend/neighbor Jen.  Beth is funny, honest, a little church-y (but we love her anyway), and gorgeous.  Her words are almost as beautiful as her smile and her blog is a joy to read.  So when she posted her Lent Challenge and Day 1 pictures*, I was shamed inspired into action.  I looked at the floor under her desk, glad that she’s just as human as I am, and then I looked at my dining room table.

2014-03-05 14.53.47Sigh.

It’s not that bad.  A basket of clean (folded!) laundry, two bags of stuff from Target, yet to be unpacked, the tray from Rex’s high chair, two yarn bags, etc.  The area to the left (that’s a coffee table under there, I promise!) has also been a irksome eyesore.  So I took her challenge.  I found a movie on Netflix that I’ve seen a gazillion times, I made myself a cup of coffee, checked to make sure the boy was still sleeping, and set to work.  And I didn’t stop at fifteen minutes.  I waded through the clutter until Rex woke up.  I finished while he was having his snack, and bythe time Jen and Conner arrived to play, I was done!

2014-03-05 16.38.53A clean and empty table, ready for dinner. Yay!  

The coffee table on the left, while it may still look piled up, is actually much better.  The nearest box is clothes to be taken with me on a visit to my sister’s.  The box next to it is a box of boxes.  The last box is toys to be sorted/donated, topped with a bag of cloth diapers to be listed on Craigslist.

It even stayed this way for a whole 10 minutes before toddlers destroyed it.  Oh well… What’s a Mama to do?

Play in the rain and stomp puddles on the deck, that’s what!

2014-03-05 16.56.16

I may have also done some clutter control in the kitchen, but didn’t get any pictures.  When the bug bites and the time is there, apparently I become a tornado of tidiness.

Or something like that…

*I don’t actually celebrate Lent, but I do like the cleaning inspiration.  Quite a few blogs have cleaning challenges going on during March.  Off the top of my head are OrgJunkie’s challenge from last year and Money Saving Mom’s 4 Week Challenge.


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