Amazing and Hilarious

I can finally cross something off my imaginary bucket list!  I HAVE MET THE YARN HARLOT!  Sure, just a brief book signing encounter where I paid beer tribute and grinned like a fool.  But, still!  She spoke at the Powell’s at Cedar Hill Crossing, the first stop on her latest tour.  After years of trying to make it to one of her book signings, I finally live in the right place at the right time.

2014-03-04 19.05.292nd row, baby!

Thanks to the combined powers of my awesome friend/neighbor, Jen, and the fabulous husband, I was able to go ALL BY MYSELF!  I left in enough time to be there early (gasp!) and even managed a great seat.  On top of that, I made a new knit buddy (Hi, Emma!) and saw some great knits.  Stephanie was utterly hilarious and I laughed until my sides hurt.  I love her brutal honesty that turns reality into hilarity.  She may very well be my favorite author.

2014-03-04 20.23.01Inspecting the beer tribute.

When the time came, I passed along a bottle chosen by Sam for its similarity to beers she drinks and shatter-resistant bottle.  (He asked if she was demanding beer tributes now.  She said no, but she should.)

2014-03-04 20.23.08This ridiculously happy grin was permanently affixed to my face for the entire evening.

I now have a beautiful signed copy of The Amazing Thing About the Way It Goes and I can’t wait to dive into it.  Powell’s sold out of the book while she was there and we filled the place with knitters in every aisle. I’m so, so pleased about finally meeting her and I really appreciate that she takes the time to sign and say something nice to each and every one of us.  Some people are just amazing and she’s one of them.


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