Loom Love

Since we moved in May, my loom has not seen any action. Partly because I’m waiting on heddles that have been severely delayed (for a variety of reasons) and partly because it’s been a crazy 6ish months. After the cat knocked it off the shelf and into my view last week, I decided to swap out the beginner practice project for something else. Armed with the Craftsy class on rigid heddle weaving, I finished off my practice project and re-warped it. (Only to find I’d warped it backwards. I immediately googled for a solution and was greeted with the word “hopeless”. No way. There had to be a solution. And there totally was. I figured it out and fixed it without re-warping.) 


I’m using Claudia Handpaint in “Blue Sky” for both warp and weft on the heddle it came with (an 8 dent, I believe).  I’m about 8″ in and am pretty happy with it.  I have a tendency to beat it too hard, so I’m working on practicing my tension. (The bit that looks skewed on the right is from how it wound onto the bars.)  This project is quite enjoyable and hopefully will be beautiful when complete.

On another note: I scored a copy of Get Saucy for $4.24 on Half.com a while back.  It came in the mail yesterday and it’s pretty awesome.  (If I hadn’t tried to set the oven on fire with failed garlic bread, I would have enjoyed its arrival more.)  The always awesome Liisa made us incredible Polenta with a sauce out of it when they visited a while back and I knew I had to have it.  It has sauces, ketchups, chutney, mayonaise, and more. I’m totally looking forward to trying some new sauces and expanding my kitchen skills.


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