A Lovely Loaf


Take a moment to drink in that beautiful bit of bread.  Is your mouth watering yet?  Good.

I recently picked up the Better Homes & Gardens The Complete Guide to Bread Machine Baking for a whopping $4 (used, from Goodwill online via Amazon).  When I received it, I noted that pages had been dog-eared and took that as a good omen.  That beauty above is the first loaf from this book and it did not disappoint!  It is the basic White Bread, the first recipe in the book.

The description states, “This tender classic with its golden crust and delicate flavor is the bread supermarket loaves aspire to be.”

This loaf lives up to that lofty expectation.  It is soft and light and delicious.  When I gave Sam a slice to try, Rex stole it from him and ran away.  It’s that good.

Loaf specs: 

  • “White Bread” from BHG Complete Guide to Bread Machine Baking
  • 1.5lb loaf
  • Basic bread setting
  • Light crust


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