A Visit to Sauvie Island Farms

One weird and cool thing about living in a river town is that destinations can be on an island.  This past weekend, we drove to Sauvie Island to visit the Sauvie Island Farms.  The weather was amazingly perfect and the folks on the farm were friendly and helpful.

There were several animals, including this rather curious Emu.

2013-10-05 11.44.47

An enormous hay pyramid for climbing as well as smaller hay maze.

2013-10-05 11.54.58

We picked a pumpkin, flowers, and some apples. (By “some apples,” I really mean 16 1/2lbs which were turned into 7 1/2 pints of applesauce yesterday.)

2013-10-05 12.19.45

And Rex took his first hay ride.  He was fascinated with the tractor pulling the wagon.

2013-10-05 12.01.23

At the end of our foraging, we had some cider and molasses cookie.  We had a great time!



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