FO: Baby Rex

You may have noticed abrupt silence here. (Who am I kidding?  There’s silence all the time these days…) But I have a good reason.

Baby Rex arrived on June 1st at 8:55am weighing in at 7lbs 6oz and measuring 18 1/2″ long.


He was supposed to make his entry on June 11th, but decided that he’d like to choose his own birthdate.  We are all doing well and as of today he is two weeks old!  His current likes include milk, the swing, and sleeping on a parental chest.  His dislikes are poopy diapers (can you blame him?), sponge baths, and having to wait for his meals.

Things may be quiet here for a while. (Or they may not.  We’ll see how often I’m in the recliner under a sleeping baby.)  I do hope to post more pictures of him soon.  Perhaps once he grows into all the hats I made…


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