FO: Puerperium Cardigan

A while back I finished a sweater for Baby, but only recently got around to uploading the pictures.  Despite being a June baby, I felt he needed at least one hand-knit sweater.  Hospitals and air conditioned buildings can all be chilly for a newborn, right?

I’ve been dying to knit the Puerperium Cardigan for a while.  (Look familiar?  This adorable little cardigan has been knit by such famous figures as the Yarn Harlot.)  It seemed like just the right thing for my little guy.

I knit mine out of RYC Cashsoft Baby DK in #800 Snowman, #804 Chicory, and #805 Cloud.  Sadly, all of these colors are soon to be defunct as Rowan is discontinuing the entire Baby Cashsoft DK line.  All three skeins came out of my stash and were purchased over several years out of the orphan bin at the Shoppe.  They just happened to coordinate perfectly.  I chose to do a striping pattern of 4 blue, 2 white, 2 green, 2 white, while keeping the border in blue.

The buttons were purchased from JoAnns as I didn’t have enough of any one complimentary button in my stash.  They’re sewed on with a bit of Perle Cotton #5 in a matching color.  (Pro-tip: Perle Cotton #5 makes for great button thread.  No need to double it and it is quite strong.  Comes in a huge variety of color to match just about anything.)

I have to admit that I’m totally smitten with this sweater and I kind of want to make another.

You can find my Ravelry notes here.


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