Surprise House Guest

Today started off well.  I went to a pressure canning class with the (in)famous Liisa at the OSU Extension Service.  As always, it was a very informative class.  I got my pressure gauge tested (and good thing, it’s a bit light by about a half pound) and learned all about pressure canning various things.  After class, Liisa dropped me back at home and I had lunch with the husband.  All was calm and normal until I hear…

“Nanook’s got a mouse!!”

Sure enough…  Our wild furry child had cornered and caught a tiny little mouse.  And she was in no mood to give up her prize.  After a rousing chase through the house, I cornered her in the bathroom and managed to get her to drop the poor beast.  Two tries later, I managed to get the cat out of the bathroom while keeping the mouse in the bathroom.  Then another game of cat and mouse (hah!) and I trapped the little bugger under a glass cup.  With a piece of cardboard for a bottom, it was removed to the great outdoors.  

Of course, we couldn’t let it go without first getting a few pictures.

To give you an idea of scale, you almost couldn’t see the mouse in Nanook’s mouth other than it’s tail.  The glass it’s under holds around 12oz I believe.

(No serious injuries appeared apparent and it was running quite well after a few moments of startled flopping.  When released, it bounded off into the neighbor’s yard.  Let’s hope it learned its lesson about coming in the house…)

Sam took this last one with his new iPad 3.  I’m positively green with jealousy over the picture quality.  My iPad 2 is ridiculously fuzzy comparatively…


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