Hat Parade: Baby Armando

Lest you think this blog has turned into all gardening, all the time… I have been doing some knitting!  Quite a lot of knitting, actually.  I’ve just been rather busy and haven’t had a chance to photograph it.  Since Baby will be in the NICU for the first week or two of his life, I’ve been churning out hats.  Rather than show them all in one post, I’ll be presenting them one at a time in a multi-post hat parade.

Shall we begin?

First up today is the Baby Armando.  Since Sam will only wear the Armando hat, I thought Baby should have something to match.  (The pattern available is only for a Baby Amanda, but I’ve included my modifications at the bottom of this post if you’d like an Armando instead of an Amanda.)

I used Malabrigo Rios in color #871 “Playa”.  It was a partial skein, leftover from a quick Amanda hat that was knit for a friend’s wife between Santa Clara and Petaluma.  I still have a little leftover, so it may get some matching booties.

Baby Armando Hat Mods:

  • Work first 6 rounds as written for Armando Hat
  • Work 9 1/2 repeats of Background Lace Pattern
  • Finish top as written

You can view all of my project details here.


2 thoughts on “Hat Parade: Baby Armando

  1. I admit I was very curious when my brain auto corrected that to baby armidillo. Despite being very different from that mental image it is lovely 🙂

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