Worm Bin Part 2

Today is a continuation of the worm bin saga.  I originally posted about building a bin from recycled materials.  It took me a few days to source some local Red Wigglers, but I did it!  (I know, I know… I can lay some newspaper on the ground and wet it down and get worms, but I wanted this specific type.)  I found my worms at the local Extension Service for $20/lb.  Since my bin is so small, I requested a half pound ($10).  The money goes towards the local agricultural programs there at the Extension Service, so it’s a win/win for everyone.  During the few days it took to get my worms, I started filling my bin with yummy compost.

Delicious, eh?  Our bin is mostly egg shells and coffee grounds with some sad carrots, a squishy lemon, and liquifying lettuce thrown in for good measure.  It is lined with newspaper and also has a couple cups of dirt to get them going.  The bin is about half full at this time.

My worms came home in style in a recycled English Muffin bag, packed safely in their castings.  They also came with a short instruction sheet for maintaining the vermicomposting bin, including some trouble-shooting.

I gently poured the worms, castings and all, into their new home and then covered them with damp newspaper.

Then, I placed the bin on four small pots on its tray in the shed.

The bin will live here until temperatures get too hot, and then it will be moved somewhere cooler.  I’ll try to rotate the bin every week or so, ensuring that the compost isn’t always placed in one spot.

All in all, this setup cost me $10.78.  The extra $0.78 is for two more of those little pots so I could set it up with 4 for a more stable stand.  The pots ensure air flow and drainage so my wormies don’t drown.  The tray will catch any delicious worm juice that can then be poured onto the garden.  If this setup works well, I’ll either a) make a second bin or b) make a larger bin.  I’ll keep you posted!


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