Chickens, Seeds, and a Jar

Today you get a random assortment of (slightly terrible) cellphone pictures.  I went to a few different places today, looking for worms and a new seed starting tray (mine has met with an untimely demise).  Sadly, the Grange didn’t have the red wigglers I needed.  But they did have Territorial Seeds.  Having found some of my seeds to be consumed by the adorable mice who live in my shed, I picked up two kinds of tomatoes (Brandywine and Gold Nugget) and some Marigolds.  I also found a hummingbird bottle converter.  Now I just need a pretty wine bottle to put it on…

And while I was there, I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the chicks.  Could you?

After looking at the seed starting trays, I realized I really don’t want the traditional tray because it is too long.  I really just need an old baking sheet with a lip around it.  Sadly, the thrift stores failed me in that aspect today.  But I did find this awesome Spice of Life jar!

It’s the smallest version of one I got around a year or so ago (also thrifted).  The big one holds the coffee beans and this one should hold the decaf beans as a nice companion.

And, while I didn’t get it, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this funky chicken canister set at the Goodwill.

What kind of adventure did you have today?

One thought on “Chickens, Seeds, and a Jar

  1. Hah! I did the lipped tray too. Good call — it’ll last a lot longer than the plastic ones. If you need a wine bottle, I have a plain ol’ green one.

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