Actual Yarn Content

I promised you actual yarn content and here it is!

First up is the Willamette Scarf I’m working on.

Yarn is String Theory Caper Sock in Earthquake.  I’m nearly finished with the increases.  This is my purse knitting and part of the Stumptown Knits club that I talked about here.

Next up is Liisa‘s Hanukah/NewYear/Birthday sweater.

It’s the Yogini Bolero from by Wendy Bernard.  I’m knitting it in Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool in color 113 Smokey Black. I’m to the part where she needs to try it on for length before I continue.  There’s a lot of “at the same time” in the beginning of this sweater, but otherwise it’s a quick and pleasant knit.

Finally, I’m working on a new sweater for the husband.  He requested a Dude Sweater.

It’s simply 16 rows of ribbing right now, but it will grow quickly. It’s knit in Cascade Yarns Eco Wool (just like his last sweater) and he’s already excited.  I’ve promised this one will take less than 2 years to complete.  (My goal is to get it done while it’s still cold enough to wear.)

I have a few other projects going for classes I’m taking at the shoppe, but they’re not far enough along yet to take photos.  Perhaps next week…


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