Pining for Spring

Today was a dreary day, but we spent most of it inside, enjoying a nice Saturday together.  Now that the sun has set and I’m left to my own brain, I find myself feeling restless.  I’m ready to be outside.  To be going and doing and seeing.  I’ve already planned a road trip in my mind.  But this post isn’t about road trips.  It’s about looking forward to spring.

It’s about gardening.

(Don’t faint.)

Seeing as we are now one week into the new year, I thought it prudent to pull out my trusty (but not nearly used enough) garden guide.

This month it says to plan the garden.  Well, alrighty then.

I’ve already got garlic and onions planted and possibly sprouting.  (Is it too early?  Are those weeds?) But now I need to plan the rest of our food for the year.  As always there will be tomatoes and cucumbers.  I’m also planning to try for potatoes again.  Shelling peas are generally successful, but snap peas and green beans are yummier.  Lettuce always does well, but I forget to harvest it.  (I have been eating a lot more salad lately, so I think I’ll plant it anyway.)  Carrots are definitely in and I think I’ll try for some zucchini as well. Basil will happen indoors as well as maybe some dill and cilantro.

I think that will be the extent of my small garden.  I lost two beds last year and gained one, so my garden size is a bit diminished.  I think if I go any crazier, we’ll have to plant the garden in the lawn.

Things I wont be growing this year:

  • Corn – It requires too much room and I can get it from a local farm on the cheap.
  • Melons – When they’re in season are buy one, get one at the local farm stand.
  • Strawberries – The stand down the road picks them out back and sells them up front.
  • Peppers – I give up.  I’ll buy them from the farmers market.

What do you think?  Too ambitious?

(Now what did I do with my seeds from last year…?)


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