Willamette in Progress

Crappy pictures or no, I’ve decided to post more this year.  When it comes to sharing in this space, I am often held back by the lack of good photos.  I see other peoples’ blogs and feel ashamed that I don’t produce the same quality when it comes to images.  But this blog is for me.  If all I want to do is use the webcam on the MacBook and give you a grainy cat picture, then that is my prerogative.

Wow… That kind of turned into a mini rant.  I thought about deleting it, but decided not to.  Anyway, moving onto the yarn part of this post.

See?  Yarn!  Plus a bonus Chloe shot.

Early in November, when Star announced her Stumptown Knits club, I was immediately smitten with the first project and treated myself to a membership.  I have knit one of Star’s patterns before (Prairie House Shawl* anyone?) and knew going into this that I would get a quality pattern.  I rarely do any kind of yarn/pattern/craft club, but this one struck a different chord with me.  It is simply a pattern club.  If you want to buy the same yarn(s) she used, there is a discount coupon included for Twisted (my favorite PDX yarn shop).  Otherwise, you simply receive your pattern and choose your own yarn.  There is a knit-a-long in her group on Ravelry if you want to join, but you don’t have to.  I love the low level of commitment that this club demands.

(If you don’t want to join the club, each pattern is also available for individual purchase.  But without the price discount or the perks.)

When the pattern showed up in my inbox in January, I went to my stash and found the squooshiest yarn I could in a color that would work.  I’m using Caper Sock from String Theory in the colorway Earthquake.  (I could never photograph it in a way to do it justice, so just visit the link to see the real colors.)  I honestly don’t remember purchasing this yarn.  I’m pretty sure I picked it up in a wool fume induced coma at a convention (Stitches? Sock Summit? Black Sheep?) or in a yarn shop on a trip.  If it was a gift and you’re reading this, I’m sorry I don’t remember (but, thank you!).  Regardless, it is a very yummy Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blend that will feel nice next to my skin.

I must say, I’m very smitten with the pattern.  Linen stitch starts it off and is pretty familiar to me.  Then Star throws you into herringbone with an i-cord style edging.  I have never done herringbone stitch before and I am really enjoying it.  I can’t wait to see how the finished scarf turns out.  It already has great personality and the yarn is really taking to the pattern nicely.  I’ll keep you posted!

*I knit a complete Prairie House Shawl to within 2″ of the end before running out of yarn (my fault for not reading the yardage on the label). Because it was a STR serendipity skein, there was no way to get more or match the color.  I had to frog the entire thing.  It was a very sad day.


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