Ringing in the New

I’m starting the new year out right.  Tea on the couch with a sleeping dog and a warm heater at my feet.

We stayed up just late enough to ring in the new year in style.  And by style, I mean in our PJs, in bed, and half asleep.  I fell asleep to the sound of small fireworks going off in the neighborhoods around us and slept in until nearly 10am.  My darling husband brought me coffee and breakfast in bed to top everything off.

I’ve puttered around a bit this morning, adding shelves to part of the new storage cupboard (more on that later).  I know you’re not supposed to wash or clean anything on New Year’s Day (superstition and whatnot), but I’m not one for those sorts of things.  If I get up the energy later on, I’m going to tidy the kitchen, put clean sheets on the bed, and maybe even make sure I have clean clothes for work tomorrow.  But for now, I’m just enjoying sitting in my warm house, admiring the new laminate floors (more on that later, too), and drinking tea.  Even a cat butt in the face can’t ruin this moment for me.



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