Into the New Year

As we make the transition from one year to the next, everyone is setting goals, finishing unfinished projects, and generally preparing for the arbitrary transition from one calendar to the next.  I’m really not one to set resolutions.  I’ve set goals in the past, but rarely kept them.  I’m just not much a resolution/goal kind of gal, I guess.  But I have been thinking about things I’d like to do/learn/try lately.  So, in no particular order, here is my wish list for the new year.

  • Take better photos.  I got a used Olympus E-500 from a friend last year and have barely learned how to use it. I’m improving, but still need to learn a lot.
  • Commune with nature.  I want to go on hikes, but never do.  Let’s change that, shall we?  (Yes, hilarious coming from a pregnant lady who will soon be too large to waddle anywhere but the kitchen…)
  • Read a compass.  I never learned to do this properly and for some reason I want to now.
  • Pressure canning.  I got a pressure canner for Christmas in 2010 and still haven’t learned to use it.  But Liisa got one this year, so now we can learn together!
  • Blog more.  I write a lot of posts in my head, but they rarely make it to the computer.  I sometimes wish I could just plug a usb cable into my brain…

Not a long list, but a good one I think.  Happy New Year and welcome to 2012.  (Hope the world doesn’t end. That’d kind of suck.)

P.S. The photo at the top is from a couple months ago on the driveway at my folks’.  It was a beautiful, sunny fall day and Chloe was enjoying the car ride.  I have no idea how I took this good of a shot.  Maybe someday I’ll figure it out…


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