Books + Yarn

Today I’m contemplating some books (among other things).  Since pay day is still more than a week away, I’ll just have to lust after them from afar for the moment.

By Amanda Blake Soule and Stephen Soule… Rhythm of Family and The Creative Family.  (They also have some great sites/blogs like Rhythm of the Home and Soule Mama.  I love how involved their children are and admire their farm.  I don’t think I want to go that far back to country life though.)

In response to a clutter cleaning conversation with a friend, she recommended The Emotional House.  I think we’re going to band together and tackle some cleaning over the next few months.

I started the Demiluna Shawl last night with some yarn gifted by a friend.  Meliae is finished and waiting to be blocked.

I haven’t been to the thrift store in weeks.  I’m feeling the need to go.  I also need to finish up the newsletter mailing list for work, get the webby stuff together, and rig a large light box for taking photos of samples.  Anyone figured out how to stop time yet?


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