Biscuits and Scramble

The blog has been long neglected (save for Friday Flowers) due to a variety of factors (Grandma’s death, Sock Summit, preparing for newsletter, etc.).  July kind of exploded and spiraled out of control.  So I’m calling a do-over in August.  I plan to actually post things (instead of just composing posts in my head), whether or not the picture is grainy.  I love my iPad 2, but the picture quality is not fantastic.  But often that is what I have with me.  So, prepare for grainy pictures and random content.

First up is today’s amazing breakfast.  After being sad and badgering my husband all day yesterday, he agreed to drive all the way home (we were originally going to stop and stay at my sister’s a couple hours from home).  I slept so well in my own bed, that this morning I awoke with biscuits on the brain.  I know, I’m just weird.

Anyway, I made cheddar yogurt biscuits using my homemade yogurt.  They were served with a scramble that contained peppers, green, yellow, and red onions, mushrooms, and bacon.

No, I didn’t spend my morning chopping vegetables.  That was the beauty of this meal.  Even bumbling about in a pre-coffee stupor, it took about 45 minutes total.  How?  The veggies were pre-chopped and frozen by yours truly.  Knowing I was about to leave for nearly a week and having delicious farmer’s market veggies in the fridge, I set about chopping and freezing the day before I left.  Peppers, onions, mushrooms… They all found their way diced and bagged.  It was the perfect way to prevent waste and make life easier on myself.  I highly recommend it.

P.S. The biscuits are amazingly moist and tasty.  It’s probably a very good thing that this recipe only makes 6.


One thought on “Biscuits and Scramble

  1. Oh wow, I’m sorry about Gramma. 😦

    For the food, Yummy! I’ve been experimenting with omelettes the last week or so. I still haven’t perfected them yet, but the failures still taste very good.

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