Fromage Blanc

Two weeks ago, I attended a class at the Co-Op with Liisa on “Foods I Make in My Sleep”.  It was all about foods that require little actual time, but lots of rising/setting/etc. time.  The class focused on a few primary things: breads, cheeses, and dehydrated fruit.  I had so much fun, I decided to try out one of the recipes for myself.  So, I made Fromage Blanc!

Fromage Blanc is actually very simple.  You take milk, active cultures, add a little heat and a lot of time and ta da!  Cheese!


The Fromage Blanc draining whey into a bowl.


Finished Fromage Blanc (It’s a bit whiter in person, but my kitchen light makes everything look yellow).


To celebrate the successful cheese, I made pizza!  It had chicken, onion, yellow pepper, pesto, and Fromage Blanc on a homemade dough.  I used half the dough for this pizza and the other half I attempted to make mini pizzas for later use.


Oddly, they puffed up and baked hollow.  No matter… Pizza dough pitas it is!


One thought on “Fromage Blanc

  1. Oh man I’d love to make my own cheese one day. Just don’t have the room to leave stuff sitting out like that. The pizza looks great! 🙂

    Wanna know something funny? You got those little pizzas to puff up and now they’re pitas. I often worry that my attempts at pitas will NOT puff up.. guess I need to give that a try one day.

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