Crawfish Boil

Yesterday, after a harrowing trip, I finally made it home.  Instead of being angry and ranting about how awful airlines are, I’m going to tell you about the Crawfish Boil.

On Sunday, we went to a Crawfish Boil.  Now, being a northern girl, I’d never been to one of these.  But it was a lot of fun!  Think “giant BBQ with shellfish instead of burgers” and that’s pretty much it.  This particular Boil was in celebration of a wedding (and man was the bride hungover…).  They boiled up 200lbs of crawfish in about 4 batches.  This is the first batch, waiting to meet their delicious end.

Quicker than you might think, those clawing little lobsters became bright red piles of deliciousness.

After getting trained on how to properly eat a crawfish (suck the head, peel the tail), I decimated a pile of these bad boys.  But I saved Fred for last.

He was delicious.

Pro Tip: Wash your hands before going to the bathroom because these little guys are spicy and you don’t want your bits to burn.  So glad Paula warned me first…


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