Random Monday

  1. Mind Bloom is a neat site promoting “life games”.  You add small, manageable goals and then get seeds for completing them.  Seeds let you buy more goals/challenges.  Pretty nifty tool.
  2. I’m thinking of taking up yoga again (I’ve never *really* taken it up, but I did do it consistently for a few weeks a couple years ago).  The Chi Room offers drop-in lunch time yoga four days a week now for just $5/session.  The doc wants me to add more exercise in and suggested yoga.  It’s worth a shot, eh?  (Side note: Their site makes me sad.  I want to make it awesome.  Think they’d trade yoga classes for website work?)
  3. My brain is practically exploding with ideas lately.  Hubby set us up a cheap whiteboard.  Take a roll of wrapping paper and tack it to the wall, white side out.  Add a sharpie or two and voila!  Instant whiteboard.  Bonus: It can be recycled when you’re done with it.  Cost = $0.
  4. I had a bit of a falling down at the craft store and bought some Fimo clay.  I am soooo not artistic it’s laughable.  I made three beads and a flat flower to make into a fridge magnet.  I may suck at this, but I’m going to keep trying.

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