My life seems to be a blur lately.  Nothing but a flurry of activity.  I’m not complaining.

Yesterday was supposedly a day off for me, but due to a sick kid, I ended up going into work.  Aaand… I worked a 9 hour day.  The funny thing is, I don’t mind.  I certainly wouldn’t do it every day, but I’m enjoying my work so much that I wanted to keep going.  I’m currently working on a new website for the yarn shop, an e-newsletter, and the quarterly class schedule.  It’s a lot of stuff that has to be done all in a short period of time (i.e. yesterday).

On the upside, I’ve been working on getting to know my new camera.  I’ve finally managed some in focus shots! (I still have no idea what I’m doing with it.)

Saturday, I took a soft cheese making class and it was fascinating!  Plus, we got to sample all the different cheeses talked about.  They recommended this book.  I’m going to get the e-version when I get my iPad2.

Yes, I ordered an iPad2.  I’m a geek and proud of it.  In my defense, other than my laptop and my ancient iPod Mini, it’s the only other piece of Apple Tech that I’ll have.

In other random news, my cousin is finally getting the care he needs after having a horrible accident this summer.  Because his lovely girlfriend works from home, we (the family) have offered to assist in transportation to and from medical stuff.  Today is his MRI and I get to take him.

I’m also helping with homeschool PE at 2pm.  It’s a blast! (And not just because I get to chase kids with Nerf guns at the end…)

The pain that has been plaguing me seems to be getting better.  After talking to a friend in a similar situation and my other doctor, we think it was intestinal.  You’d be surprised how good wheat bran, prune juice, and applesauce taste when mixed together.  Especially when you put it in yogurt with a little marionberry jam.

(Sam took this picture of Nan.  I know that because it was followed by pictures of my boobs.)

I haven’t been roller skating in almost 2 weeks.  I’m going today.  And probably tomorrow.

I have sewing to do for several different babies, all due within the next couple of months.  I have 6 friends/family who are pregnant and due between April and November.  There is not enough time for all the knitting and sewing that needs to happen.

Sometimes, I wish I could clone myself.  But then I might not have all the fun.


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