I love this post from Re-Nest on plastic wrap alternatives.  I’ve been trying to figure out good alternatives for plastic bags as well.  I can cut most of them out except for in the freezer.  Anyone know of a great alternative to plastic in the freezer?

(P.S. Switching to glass jars for storage can really save you a lot of money over time.  Especially if you find your jars on the cheap at your local thrift store(s).  I have found my best storage there, generally between $0.25 and $2.)


One thought on “Alternatives

  1. Oh, the things that keep me up all night: how can I store my garden goodies in the freezer without a plastic bag? The thing is, plastic rocks for the same reason it sucks: it lasts f’ing forever. My compromise? I wash all my “used” plastic bags and re-use them. That way, it takes me years to go through one box of ziplocs, and I don’t feel so bad about it. I also wash and re-use my produce bags for the same reason.

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