Sorting It Out

Because the world has decided to explode around me while we were on vacation, the pictures are delayed until I can deal with my destroyed garden bed, the sudden appearance of fleas, and overwhelming depression.  In the meantime, I am trying to find some order in the chaos.  More upbeat posts to come in the future…

Can anyone tell me why I have a dozen size I hooks?  Methinks it is time to cull the herd…

The side/abdomen pain is back with a vengeance.  Not sure if I want to go in for more scans that will have them telling me nothing is wrong with me.


One thought on “Sorting It Out

  1. Funny, my I hooks go missing for long periods at a time. I’m lucky if I ever find one. My guess would be that they have a stronger tendency for disappearances leading to purchases of new ones. Not sure why the I and only the I…
    Tell the pain to go hang out with some of my I hooks.

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