Rainy Stitches

I cannot believe how much it has rained since we got to California.  What happened to the sunshine state?  Well, at least we’re indoors working at Stitches West!  As usual, I’m at the Oregon Woodworker’s booth selling fabulous swifts.  I’ve already spotted a few famous bloggers wandering about.  Jenny and Nichole from Stash & Burn wandered past the booth.  And then I saw IrishGirlie with an adorable little girl.  (Of course I was busy working and could only smile.)

There are fantastic things to see at the market.  My goal this year is to find great crocheted items to bring back to the yarn shop.  So far I’ve been really impressed with the crochet (and knit) designs from Kira K.  I picked up a pattern from Green Mountain Spinnery called Kristy.  StitchDiva also has some great crocheted hats that are calling to me.  Plus I picked up some great stitch markers with an adorable case from Miss Purl.  I still haven’t gotten a chance to see the entire show, but I’m working on it…

Tomorrow, I’ll be at booth #904.  So if you’re at the show, come say hi!


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