A 13 Day Shrug

This gorgeous little number took just under two weeks to make.  It was also nothing but ribbing.  While ribbing may have great visual appeal and its mindlessness makes it a great take-anywhere project… It is BORING.  Thankfully, the fluffy soft alpaca made up for it.  Apologies for the badly lit camera phone pictures.  I was feeling lazy. (The colors are most accurate in the second picture.)

This shrug is leaving me tomorrow to go to its forever home with a friend who is recovering from surgery.  I hope she likes it.

The pattern is N026 from Plymouth Yarns and features Baby Alpaca Grande, I used a hand dye color of the same manufacture.  One cool thing about this project is there is no shaping and only two little seams.  You basically make a big rectangle, add in two seams to make some armholes and voila!  A finished garment.  Project details can be found on Ravelry.

Tip: When knitting with alpaca, wear a matching shirt so the fluff doesn’t show up so badly.  Do not wear black unless you are working with black alpaca!


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