An Afghan for Mom

My first FO of 2011!

Somewhere around September, Mom came into the yarn shop.  She stopped dead in her tracks and stared at the afghan hanging behind the counter.

“I love that afghan!” She exclaimed.  “I love everything about it.  The color, the texture.. It’s just beautiful!”

Well, I couldn’t very well let that statement go unnoticed. I started her blanket the first of October with plans for it to be an xmas gift.  Dad suggested a birthday gift might be better since we already had some great gifts planned for xmas.  Since her birthday is in January, I agreed (it gave me more time to get it finished).  And I got it finished in time!

Despite a bit of a coffee incident with that center bottom block (the pink chevron), it was completed two days ahead of her party.  The reason it isn’t blocked very well is that it needed to be washed immediately after gifting.  You see, Nanook decided to help me by spilling coffee on that pink block and then running off with the yarn.  I got so flustered that I knit the top portion of it backwards, but didn’t notice until I was at the top block of the strip.  So, once all the squares were knit, I cut that block off, reknit the problem area, and Kitchnered it back together.

(Big thanks to Woolly Wormhead’s book Going Straight for having every kind of Kitchner in it.  I use it constantly!  That alone is worth the price of the book, plus you get lots of awesome patterns.  I believe I’ve knit 4 or 5 designs from this ebook so far.)

The afghan is made from Plymouth Encore Worsted, my standard easy care yarn.  It is soft, washable, and doesn’t pill.  Since mom and dad have two dogs and a grandson, I figured easy care was best.  Mom loves that it is washable and she agrees that Encore is very soft.  For full details, you can visit the Ravelry page here.  Pictures of each individual block are here.

Finally, Nanook gave it the snuggle of approval.  She doesn’t understand why I took her new blanket away.  But something tells me that Mom will claw it less…


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