Bread: A Comforting Constant

Bread is becoming a comforting constant in this household.  A relatively new thing, bread baking has worked its way into our kitchen several times in the past month or so.  No, not holiday bread baking, but actual, every day, sandwich bread baking.  I know I’ve talked about this recipe before, but as I continue to use it, it only gets better.  This round, I decided to tweak it a little (I just can’t help myself) and subbed in a cup of whole wheat flour.

BAM!  Instant wheat bread.  Not the hearty stuff you might think of, but more of a Sara Lee wheat bread, soft and fluffy.  I’m considering other tweaks I could make to it.  I bet it would adapt well to a sort of breakfast bread (cinnamon raisin bread, anyone?) as well as a more savory type (mmm… cheddar garlic…).  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, I give you a little bread porn to hold you over.  (I apologize in advance if anyone is currently on a low carb diet.)

P.S. I make my bread by “hand”, i.e. stand mixer.  I use a mixer and bread stones.  It works beautifully.


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