Roller Girl

Hey guess what I’ve been doing…

I’ve taken up roller skating!  As a child, I used to skate weekly in the summers thanks to day camp.  When my friend Liisa said they were going skating last week, I jumped at the chance.  After not having been on wheels in around a decade, it was interesting.  I did do one Charlie Brown-esque fall (feet in the air and everything), but otherwise, had a great time.  We went a second time on Monday and I’m totally hooked.  I’m already picking out my skates because rentals SUCK big time.  I bet you can guess where my Christmas money is going…


I was totally impressed with my local rink.  It’s the same rink I skated at as a child, and while the floors are a little more patched than I remember, the prices are awesome.  They do several discount nights a week, including an adults only night with period appropriate (80s, baby!) music.  It’s cheaper than a gym membership and the first time I’ve exercised for 90 minutes without complaint.  Check out your local roller rink, you might be pleasantly surprised.

(And I’m totally getting purple wheels for my skates…)


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