Cook Once, Eat…

Twice… Wait no, three times? Or is it four?  Holy cow!

Sometimes I forget the awesomeness of my slow cooker (usually during the summer months).  But in the winter, my mind turns to roasts and soups.  Being on the week in between pay days, I have been digging into the freezer a little deeper.  This week, I noticed that I had missed a roast at the bottom of our chest freezer.  A London Broil to be exact.  Having no idea how to cook London Broil and not really caring (plus it was a little old/past its prime), it went into the slow cooker.  While I have no pictures of it the first night, just know it was delicious.  I threw on my standard half-assed sauce* and let it cook all day on low.  (An hour or so before it was done, I remembered I had a half an onion in the fridge.  So I chopped that up and threw it in with the meat.) I served it with mixed vegetables in melted cheese and sliced potatoes broiled in oil and garlic.

Anyway… This post isn’t about the first night.  It’s about tonight.  After hanging out in the fridge a couple days, those leftovers were calling to me.  So tonight, they became Shepherds Pie.  The leftover meat got chopped up along with the veggies.  I threw in some extra veggies from the freezer to fill it out and mixed the meat and veggies together with some shredded parmesan.  I pressed the mixture into a round casserole stone and baked at 350 degrees for around 15 minutes to warm through.  Then I topped the whole thing with prepared instant mashed potatoes and topped that with shredded Cheddar-Jack cheese.  Back into the oven for another 10ish minutes and voila!  Shepherds Pie!

My husband suggested I take a picture of it for the blog.  Then proceeded to stick a fork in it after I snapped the first picture.  He could hardly wait to dig into it.

The real beauty of this?  We have enough leftovers for two days of lunches!  And the best part was, everything that went into these dinners came out of the fridge, freezer, or pantry.  Not bad, eh?

*My sauce was equal parts ketchup and bbq sauce with some Worchestershire sauce, a dash of liquid smoke, a spoonful of brown sugar, a squeeze of spicy mustard and a few shakes of peppercorn and garlic seasoning.  It’s kind of a random assortment of stuff adapted from a brisket recipe I used from a magazine ages ago.  It often consists of random things in the cupboard/refrigerator and changes every time.


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