Cats & Scooters

Apparently the blog has been neglected again.  A few things going on… My car thing is still being dragged out by the insurance.  So in the meantime, I picked up this beauty.  She’s a 2002 TNG Venice.  She needs a few tune-up type things, but otherwise runs great.  I just need to learn how to drive it confidently and get my moped endorsement as per Oregon law.

(Excuse the bad photo, I was in a hurry.)

In other news, Mama Kitty has a home!  She went to live with a friend from yarn shop today.  She has been renamed Grysie McDoodlepants (Grys for short).  She spent her first day in her new home being loved on by her owner and the bevy of children in the neighborhood.  I’m super excited that she found a home, but we still need a place for this little darling.

I’ve named her Zoe so she learns to come to a name other than “baby kitty”.  We’ve been bringing her out to socialize and while she’s learning to get along with Chloe, Inara will have nothing to do with her.  In fact, Inara hides under furniture and hisses and swipes if the kitten gets too close.  It makes me sad they can’t be friends because Zoe is very lonely without her mother.  I’m hoping someone has a special place in their life for a spunky little kitten.


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