Fish with Orzo

Another quick, easy, and cheap meal!  This was the other piece of fish from the two pack mentioned in yesterday’s post about fish tacos.  I cooked it up with a bit of lemon pepper and dill seasonings.  Once it was cooked, I pulled it from the pan and put it in the microwave to rest and keep warm (I often use my microwave as a staging area).  In my big pan (with all the yummy fish drippings), I poured around 3 cups of chicken broth (veggie broth would be good here too) and about 4 handfuls of orzo pasta.  I also chopped up some pea pods from the garlic and a couple cloves of garlic and tossed those in. The orzo took about 12 minutes to cook and then I plated it all up, added a lemon and some cilantro for garnish and voila!  Dinner is served.  (Total cost = $4 for two people.)


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