Fish Tacos

If you don’t already know the wonders of fish tacos, you need to experience them.  I know when most of you think “fish tacos” you think of deep fried filets topped with all sorts of stuff to hide the fact that the fish isn’t very good.  These fish tacos are the anti-filet.  They are cooked and served similar to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Restaurant El Kora (formerly Chicken Runner).

Step 1: Cook the fish

I had an extra snapper filet from a two pack that I bought earlier in the week.  I threw that in a pan with a little bit of grapeseed oil (olive oil would work fine) and a half package of Lowry’s taco seasoning. (Normally I would use the Southwest Seasoning from Pampered Chef, but I ran out on Monday.) Break it up into little chunks once it’s nearly cooked through to give it even coverage of the seasoning and for better taco filling.

Step 2: Prep your fixins

I serve mine like El Kora with cilantro, white onion, and avocado.

Prep it all while the fish is cooking.  I use my chopper for faster prep.

Step 3: Plate it up

I heated my corn tortillas up a bit in the pan before serving because otherwise they tend to break.  If you’re using flour tortillas, this step is unnecessary.

Now, here’s the kicker… I’ve been working on feeding us healthy food for cheap.  Fish tacos is one of those beautiful things that tastes amazing, but costs very little.  Total cost of this dinner was about $5 for the both of us.  Plus there are enough leftovers for another meal for one. (It would have been cheaper, but I ran out of taco seasoning and had to buy some not on sale, plus a splurged on a $1 avocado.) So give fish tacos a try.  I think you may just be pleasantly surprised.


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